Should You Hire a Home Builder Before Buying Land?

August 31, 2018

Should You Hire a Home Builder Before Buying Land?

So, you’re looking to build your dream custom home in Victoria BC! Where to start? You may have an idea of all the features you would like your dream home to have, and maybe you have already started daydreaming about peaceful mornings or fun dinner parties in your new kitchen. If you are at the beginning of this process and are still looking for the perfect piece of land for your custom home, you may be thinking ‘it’s too early to engage a builder’. Let us tell you why it may not be too early to have a builder on board before you find that dream lot.

There are many things you may look for when shopping for a new piece of land, but they may not necessarily be the same things that your builder looks for. While you may be thinking about location in relation to work or school, traffic, proximity to local amenities, or privacy, your builder will look for things such as ground structure, presence of large rocks or trees, and moisture levels. All of these things are important in the custom home building process as they can affect the total cost of your build. Having your builder at your side while shopping for lots can help you become aware of potential situations that can add cost to the build, such as having to move large boulders. When you know about these situations in advance, your builder can work with you to find the right solutions and the right lot for your custom home.

Additionally, hiring your builder early allows them to prepare for the build by testing the land before you even purchase it. Performing a soil test helps your builder estimate the cost of excavation on that piece of land, which reduces unexpected costs for you later.

A final benefit of hiring a custom home builder for your Victoria home before purchasing a lot is the advice and knowledge of building codes that your builder can bring to your shopping process. Your builder will know which codes apply in which areas, which will also help you price out your build.

It may seem straightforward to purchase a lot for your new Victoria custom home, but there are many things that can go wrong without the watchful eye of a custom home builder there beside you. Save your wallet and your peace of mind by contacting us today to help turn your custom home dream into a reality - before you even have the land. Contact us today if you are needing a custom home builder in Victoria BC.