Custom Home Planning Tips

September 24, 2018

Custom Home Planning Tips

Picture your perfect dream home. While you may have a rough idea of what it will look like, do you have every detail worked out? What colour will the cabinets be? What type of flooring will you have?

Building a custom home is a great opportunity to customize your living space and life, but it is not always easy to consolidate all of your dreams into a realistic and affordable custom home. Luckily, below we have provided a few tips to help you get started on planning your custom home:

  1. List your wants

    The first thing you will want to do is make a clear list of the things you can’t go without in your dream home. This could be anything from a walk-in closet to a garden gazebo - if you have always wanted something in your custom home, start with that! These things build the foundations for other decisions.

  2. Envision your home using a dream board

    During the planning process, you will probably come across many elements that you would like to incorporate in your home. Since all the different styles and colours can be daunting, it is very important to keep these ideas organized and easily accessible. That’s why we recommend creating a dream board for your custom home. A dream board can be physical or virtual, and consists of a collage of your favourite ideas and inspirations for your home. A dream board will help you visualize your favourite pieces as a whole, and it will also help you keep sight of what you want your custom home to be.

  3. Plan for the future, not for the present

    Your custom home should not only work for you now, but it should work for you as you move through different stages of life. Think about where you may be in a few years time, and try and add these considerations to your dream home plan. Will you have children or pets in your home? Will you be adopting a new hobby that may require a workspace? Building a home that incorporates these possibilities helps you enjoy it for years to come.

  4. Look for inspiration in your builder’s portfolio

    Your custom home builder has probably created a wide array of homes, so why not take inspiration from those? Check out the portfolio or gallery and choose the elements that will work best in your dream home!

Still unsure on where to start with your custom home plan? Contact us today - our home design builders in Victoria BC would be happy to help you solidify your ideas and turn your dream home into a reality!