6 Reasons to Hire a Custom Home Builder

August 31, 2018

6 Reasons to Hire a Custom Home Builder

When people think about custom homes, there are many negative reactions that may surface about the time and financial commitments. But what about the positives? It is not often that the benefits of building a custom home are talked about. If you’re thinking of purchasing a new home, here are six reasons why you should think twice and consider building your own custom Victoria BC home instead:

  1. Better Health
    When you purchase an older home, there is always a risk of toxic materials being present due to the building materials used in past decades. Whether that be asbestos, formaldehyde, or heavy metals such as lead, it is not healthy for you or your family to live near these substances. Since these materials have now been identified as toxic, new custom homes are built with healthier options that pose no risk to your health.

  2. Live the Way you Want
    You may have shopped around and found the home that would have been perfect… if only the kitchen was a little bigger or there was an extra bedroom. This can be a frustrating feeling - so why go through it if you could just build your perfect home instead? When you build a custom home, you are in charge of making the final call on floor plans, finishes, and even location!  

  3. Save Energy
    Saving energy is about more than saving money on your utility bills, it is also about preserving the environment and preserving your property. With new advances in technology, your new custom home could be highly energy efficient with appliances, proper sealing, and efficient lighting. While older homes can be renovated to accommodate this, you will often never be able to reproduce the energy efficiency of a new home.

  4. Last Longer
    If you’re moving into a new home, of course you want it to be durable. With older homes you may have to spend extra time and money on maintenance and upkeep, but with a new custom home you won’t have to worry about durability. As a bonus, if anything does wear out in your new home, chances are it will be covered under warranty.

  5. Gain Value Faster
    Custom homes in Victoria are valuable, and they are gaining value each and every year! In the first 5 years of ownership, new homes always appreciate faster than older homes, and this is especially true for highly sought after custom homes. This means you will get more value for your money when you invest in a custom home.

  6. Stay Safer
    Home should be a place of safety and comfort, so you should not have to worry about potential dangers that can be present in older homes. Since older homes were not built under the building codes of today, things such as fire retardant materials and wired smoke detectors were not used. With a new custom home, you can rest assured that your home meets the highest standards of safety.

If you are looking for a custom home builder in Victoria BC, contact us today and learn more about our design-build process. Also view our portfolio to see our work.